Sun in Sagittarius
Thrive With Tauj

Sun in Sagittarius

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Sagittarius: The "I SEE, I KEEP THE TRUTH" Dominant Personality 

Sagittarius, be mindful of your overall health & wellness. 
Hips, Sciatic Nerve, Thyroid, Knees, Liver, Skin Health, Fatigue/Energy, Appetite changes, Immune System, Sleep Health. Practice understanding and communication, patience within self and others. 

100% Herbs - Caffeine Free 
Can drink warm or at room temperature
Sweetener/Added ingredients not recommended
3 Weeks+ Supply

Main Ingredients:
Sage, Burdock, Licorice Root +

Some Benefits: 
Multi benefits +
Appetite Support
Overall Energy 
Gut Health
Respiratory  Support
Joint & Bone Support
Blood Cleansing
Detoxifying Properties  
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial 
Skin, Liver, Kidney Health 
Joint & Bone Support
Reproductive Health 
Endocrine & Immune Support 
Iron Support

Amino Acids

Full Instructions & Ingredients included  
Hydration with Natural Spring Water while consuming herbs is highly recommended 
This Blend consists of 5+ herbs, please do not consume if you are allergic to herbs.