Thrive With Tauj is a health conscious & wellness encouragement communitea, operated by Taujma Hall, Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Whole Plant Based Foods Preparer, Health Food & Natural Healing Advocate, to provide optimal health services and products for clients & customers looking to transition their diet to a livet/lifestyle, eat healthier & heal via whole plant foods & herbal remedies. 

Tauj created Thrive With Tauj as an encouraging healthy communitea for men and women to believe in themselves for a natural healing journey. After self reversing many of her own health conditions including: Fibromyalgia, Asthma, IBS/IBD, Anemia, Iron & Vitamin D Deficiency, Chronic Migraines, Frequent ear and sinus infections, Graves/Hyperthyroidism & Hormonal Imbalance, Severe PMS, lots of inflammation and mucus, via 100% Whole Plant Foods and Herbal teas, Tauj continues to Thrive on 100% Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, and minimal Alkalizing Ancient Grains.

While working in the Fashion/Modeling (FIDM Graduate), Entertainment, and Hospitality Industry, Tauj suffered these conditions known as Dis-ease,  for over 9+ years. She became determined to find answers about her illnesses and after visiting Dr. Cathie Ann Lippman a Holistic Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Beverly Hills, CA, she was told to eliminate certain foods from her diet. Dr. Lippman was the only Dr. that guided Tauj to self healing naturally just by providing information about the foods and environments we consume. After only 15 days of a Raw Whole Plant Foods Diet (Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds) and an herbal detox cleanse, Tauj has not experienced the symptoms she had prior to her transition. She has been feeling stronger and Healthier day after day. Not lacking any nutrients, minerals, vitamins with her 100% Whole Foods Plant Based Livet!  Now with over 500+ CPD hours of Nutritional & Herbalism, Education, Experiences, Training, Counseling and her continuous studies, she now helps others of all ages, ethnic background, and lifestyles heal naturally to thrive abundantly.
.All Praises Due!

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